transportATION management SYSTEMS (TMS)

Efficient transportation management systems
Facilitates interaction between distributors and transporters that enables both owned fleet and third party distributors to execute loads effectively, provide feedback throughout the process, and manage the reconciliation of completed loads.

what TRANSPORTation MANAGEMENT systems (tms) delivers

Role Based Access

Users are provided with views and features that are specific to their function within the process, whether administrator, principal or transporter.

Order & Load Level Visibility

Visibility of shipments' details as well as the details of the orders allocated to those shipments.

Automated Carrier Allocation

Automated allocation of carriers to loads based on business parameters.

Ongoing Status Updates

Provides up-to-date visibility on the progress of loads and orders, whether obtained from OBCs, carrier control rooms or mobile devices.

Document Management

Uploading and storage of documents critical to the distribution process, whether instructions, permits and invoices uploaded by principals or proof of delivery and supporting documentation by the carriers.

Payment Approval

Automated payment approval within certain customised tolerances, highlighting any exceptions for user review before payment approval.

Integrated Solution

Closed integration with Route Planning Systems, the Daily Route Manager and VSC Palm.

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